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RUSH MATTRESS understands the importance of flexibility to fulfill retailers needs.  We are completely flexible with design, specifications, and price points to meet our customers’ needs.

Our sleep products have been designed as the best of the best, and are the culmination of decades worth of research and experience in manufacturing and the bedding industry.  We offer expertise in merchandising retail fulfillment, back-end support and sales services.

Experienced in retail, we are proud to offer an American-made product line to give our customers the greatest flexibility and shortest fulfillment times.    Our foams conform to all required certifications and are acclaimed for superior foam mattresses that deliver quality, value, and superior comfort.

Combining the best of  craftsmanship and outstanding technological innovation, we are dedicated to providing  exceptional quality mattresses that are beautiful and provide  ultimate comfort for the best sleep ever.

See what makes the foam in our mattresses so special.